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"To live without hope is to cease to live." — Fyodor Dostoevsky

What is Hope Coin?

Hope Coin is a blockchain-based digital token that lets you receive and share Hope. Hope Coin's goal is to give you and your loved ones hope. It is only by hoping for a better future, that we have a chance of creating it. We're currently working on building automated trading tools for Hope Coin. The use of an automated trading platform allows you to trade your cryptocurrency investment for the best potential returns in the shortest amount of time. Meanwhile, if you want to trade independently, you can download the Bitcoin Millionaire app, which is considered to be the most reliable programme on the market. This software was created by some of the world's most talented software engineers using cutting-edge methodologies.


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How does Hope Coin work?

Hope Coin is a crypto-token (asset code HOPE) that is built on the Stellar blockchain. You need a Stellar Wallet to receive, store and share Hope Coin.

The number of Hope Coin is fixed to 7.6 Billion, equaling the number of people living in the world. Each token represents an individual person, a digital representation of our own hopes and dreams.

In order to make Hope Coin successful, we aim to be as transparent as possible. Below please find the distribution of Hope Coin.

The tokens are allotted to the following categories:

How can I get Hope Coin?

Anyone who registers their wallet until 2020-12-06 will receive 1,000 Hope Coin for free. The free giveaway of Hope Coin will start one day later. Please check this tutorial how to store your Hope Coin.

Once registered, there are other ways to earn Hope Coin. You will receive a referral code, and for each friend who signs up through your link you receive another 100 Hope Coin for free. To earn even more Hope Coin, check out our guide here :

You may also be able to buy and sell Hope Coin on the Stellar Distributed Exchange (SDEX) via these wallets and exchanges:

How to stay up to date with Hope Coin?

The easiest ways are to join our Telegram group and to follow Hope Coin on Twitter .

Eight areas of Hope

Hope allows you to think positively about the world around you and the people you love most in the world. Only with hope, are you able to set aside the cynicism of the world and build a better life for yourself and your family. Some may also hope that a certain wish comes true.

Hope may be regarded as one of the most valuable assets. Without Hope and the optimism it brings, humans would not be able to achieve great things or to recover from setbacks.

Most of the Hopes that people have can be attributed to one of the following eight areas of Hope. When you get Hope Coin for yourself or send Hope Coin to others, these areas give you an inspiration what to hope for.

Hope for Family

For many of us, our family is the most important area of our life. Hope in regard to one's family typically revolves around the wellbeing of our children, parents, grandparents and other relatives who are close to us. A close relationship to relatives and family members gives us stability and safety in our lives.

Send Hope Coin to those who are separated from their loved ones, those who struggle to maintain a good relationship with their children or parents or those who wish to improve their family life. Hope is the most powerful asset the world knows. By spreading Hope to those who struggle with their families, you help others and yourself to keep up with the most important areas we know in life.

Hope for Friends

Friends are often equally important as family, sometimes even more so. With friends, we share happy moments as well as problems, difficulties and hurdles that sometimes we don't feel like sharing with family members. Friends can even become a replacement if we don't have a family, if our family is far away or we don't get along with them. Therefore, we often hope to have good friends or a best friend who we can rely on.

Send Hope Coin to your friends to say thank you to them. Send Hope Coin to people who have lost a good friend or made the wrong friends and now are afraid to make new friends. Hope is what they need and you can help them. Get Hope Coin for yourself if you feel like a friendship that's important for you isn't going in the right direction or you feel you might be about to lose a friend. Hope Coin is the token that will remind you how important friendship is in life.

Hope for Health

Nothing matters more than good health. We may have the best family, great friends, and enough money to buy what we need, but if we're healthy, life simply won’t be as enjoyable. This includes mental as well as physical health. If you or someone close to you suffers from a chronic disease, an illness, injury, depression or or health related problems, Hope gives us strength. We look more optimistic into the future and with that our outlook to cure and wellbeing improves.

Send Hope Coin to a friend or family member, to help them stay positive and take the right steps to get their health back on track. They will feel your appreciation and be more hopeful to being healthy again. Likewise, you can get Hope for yourself if you feel the need for more strength and faith in your own health.

Hope for Wealth

Being able to buy goods that fulfill basic needs is a crucial part of life. We all need food and shelter in order to avoid hunger and to sleep in a warm place. Beyond basic needs, we often want to be able to afford goods and services that make life easier and more worthwhile.

Everyone of us has different needs and is happy with different levels of wealth. Some are more modest, others have an insatiable desire for luxury. Whatever your desired level of wealth may be, sometimes you may hope to own more than what you currently have. Similarly, other people we care about may be in financial difficulty and we know they wish for more wealth in order to be more hopeful about the future. This may range from people who starve to people who wish to own a bigger car to go on holiday with their family.

Get Hope Coin to remind yourself of your goal to become wealthier. Send Hope to everyone who needs more financial freedom. They will benefit from the value of Hope Coin directly and from the strength the Hope you sent them will spark in their minds.

Hope for Job

No matter how wealthy we are, nearly all of us strive to have a good job. Our jobs are the places where we interact with likeminded people and meet new people. A good job gives us a purpose in life beyond our family and friends. Not everyone of us however has this kind of job where we feel we are in the right environment of friendly co-workers and a boss who is a good leader. Equally, those who are self-employed or run their own business don't always feel like it's giving them the purpose they are looking for – irrespective of the financial success of the business.

We often hope for a better work atmosphere, more understanding and appreciation for our work performance and dedication, less gossip among co-workers and many other things that can make our workdays cumbersome. In all such cases, send Hope where you know someone needs it, being it yourself or someone else who has difficulties finding the kind of job they look for.

Hope for Love

Love is one of the strongest feelings we are capable of experiencing. Being loved and loving others is a true source of joy and energy. Love can bridge barriers between individuals, between people and between generations. Love is the glue that makes relationships work and stick together. Faith in love is important to be able to have meaningful relationships. If we don't feel love or can't love others we need to hope for love.

Love is a feeling that cannot simply be created like money can be earned. Love is much more complex than that and therefore is much more often associated with Hope. Get Hope Coin to remind yourself of your very own Hope for love. Send Hope Coin to close ones who are in need of more love or who cannot give love and suffer from it.

Hope for Peace

Our individual Hopes can become difficult if we are surrounded by conflict or even war. All parts of our lives are negatively affected in a hostile environment where political, civil or military instability prevail. Peace therefore is a crucial condition for our wellbeing and faith in our future. Those who live in war or have fled a hostile environment often have so little impact on what is happening around them that all they have left is Hope.

Send Hope Coin to refugees, people in war zones, those who live in generally hostile environments to share the power of Hope. Get Hope Coin for yourself if you wish for more peace around you.

Hope for Happiness

We may have everything that we ask for but still not feel happy. What makes us really happy can be difficult to determine and unrelated to facts of our lives. Some of the poorest of the poor may be able to lead a happy life, because they are thankful for life itself and for what they have.

At the same time some of the richest among us may be depressed although the facts about their life may suggest otherwise. Wherever happiness ultimately comes from, striving for it requires Hope. A high level of Hope for happiness for oneself and others can lead to happiness. Get Hope for yourself and for those who mean something to you if you want to hope for more happiness.