Wall of HOPE

The Wall of HOPE lets you express and share your messages of hope with the world.

The Wall of HOPE is currently in development. Once finished, it will allow you to:

  • Submit your personal hopes, wishes or dreams to the Wall of HOPE (here)
  • A submission will require 1 Hope Coin (HOPE).
  • Your hope will published here after review ...
  • ... and cross-posted to Twitter by Hope Coin with the hashtag #WallofHOPE.
  • Hope Coin will only permit positive, aspirational, uplifting, and/or encouraging content. Any kind of hate speech, defamation, obscenity, or clear promotional submissions will rejected.

How would the Wall of Hope look like? We haven't decided yet, but some hopes could be like:

"I hope humanity will not start another world war."

"I hope Bitcoin will go back up to $20K. Mainly for myself, but also for everyone who bought in higher. Hang in there! #HODL"

"I hope she will say yes when I finally ask her"

We hope (!) to see your messages of hope here soon 😊