Use Hope Coin

Your hopes are yours, use them as you want.

Give Hope Coin to charity

The Hope Coin Charity Fund has received a substantial amount of Hope Coin to be used for charitable causes. In doing so, we aim to support those members of our society who are most vulnerable. You can support these causes by donating some Hope Coin to the fund, helping to make the world a better place.

Give Hope Coin to family, friends or just someone in need

Hope Coin is a digital token native to the Stellar Blockchain. This means you have complete control over your coins and can send them to friends, family, and colleagues whenever you want.

Sending your hopes to the Wall of Hope

Besides showing your friends and family how much you care for them, you will also be able to use your Hope Coin for the Wall of HOPE. The wall allows you to broadcast your hopes to the world, by providing a live feed of messages for everyone to see. Not only will your message be visible on the Wall of HOPE, but we will also broadcast it on Twitter, spreading your message even further.

Hold Hope Coin for the future

We will always need hope. No matter how good things are going now, there will always come a time when things look bleak.

Make sure to save some Hope Coin for those moments, so that you have a digital representation of your belief that the good times will return!

Trade Hope Coin

One the beauties of Hope Coin is that it can be easily sold through one of the many decentralized Stellar exchanges listed below. This means that you can convert the Hope Coin your friends and family sent, as well as easily share your wealth by sending some to them.

Or, if you feel like stocking up on a few more Hope Coin, you can buy them there, too. And don't worry, even trading a bit of Hope Coin here and there is totally fine as well.

Future use cases for Hope Coin

In addition to the Wall of HOPE, you will soon be able to use your Hope Coin in a number of exciting ways. We do have a few more ideas up our sleeves, e.g., contests to win Hope Coin for community efforts or voting on charities. We will keep you posted!