Store Hope Coin

Learn how to store your Hope Coin easily and securely

To store and hold your Hope Coin, you need three things.

1. Get a free Stellar Lumen Wallet

Hope Coin is a Token running on the Stellar Blockchain. Any Stellar Wallet can store the "native" Stellar Blockchain currency "Lumens" (currency code: XLM), and other tokens (sometimes called "assets") built on the Stellar blockchain.

The Stellar Lumens project website currently lists 15 different Stellar Lumen Wallets to choose from, some for web access, and others for desktop or mobile. Please note that these wallets are not owned, maintained or operated by either or Hope Coin.

Stellar Lumens Wallets
15 Stellar Lumen Wallets on the Stellar Lumen website as per September 2018

As per our knowledge, all of the wallets are free at the moment, so feel free to use the one you like best.

2. Deposit a small amount of lumens (XLM)

Once you have downloaded or installed your wallet and/or created an account with the wallet developer, you now need to fund your stellar wallet with the base reserve. This minimum amount in Stellar Lumens (XLM) is required to activate your wallet once. The current base reserve amount is 0.5 XLM, which at a price of ca. 20 Eurocents per XLM equals rougly 10 Eurocents.

The base amount itself is negligible, but sometimes buying these first lumens can prove to be tricky. You can find a good overview on exchanges that sell Stellar Lumens at CoinMarketCap/StellarMarkets.

Once you have funded your wallet with the initial lumens, you can already register it to get your first 1,000 Hope Coin for free! Just go to the registration page and sign up with your new wallet address.

3. Create a "trust line" for Hope Coin

In order to manage your Hope Coin, you now only need to take one final step. For your wallet to receive Hope Coin, it needs to trust the Hope Coin token. While the procedure may differ depending on the wallet you use, here is all information you need to trust Hope Coin:

  • Asset Home Domain:
  • Asset Name: HOPE (4 alphanumeric digits)
  • (HOPE on

In the meantime, make sure you sign up to be first in line to get your first 1,000 Hope Coin for free!