New Year Hope Award 2019

The New Year Hope Award rewards your wishes for the new year 2019 with free Hope Coin.

The submission period has ended - vote now for your favorite wish 2019!

The power of Hope Coin is our active community and the engagement we have in our Telegram Group and on Twitter. A big group of people from all over the world who share the Hope for a better world.

A new year coming up is usually the time in most cultures around the world to define their New Year Hope. The same is true for a big majority of the Hope Coin community.

To spread more Hope and to reward our community for sharing their New Year wishes with us and the world we are launching the New Year Hope Award 2019!

How do I participate in the New Year Hope Award 2019?

To participate in the New Year Hope Award 2019 you need to do three easy steps:

  1. Think of three things you hope and wish for in 2019. Each of these wishes needs to have a positive connotation and ideally fall into the Eight Areas of Hope.
  2. Express each of your wishes with a maximum of 100 characters.
  3. Submit your hopes and wishes along with your email address and Stellar address. You need to have a trustline set to be able to accept HOPE.

If we like your wishes, we will publish them on our homepage and tweet them. We will then select the top 10 wishes until 17 January and post them on this page for the community to vote.

If your wish wins, you have the chance to win 10,000 additional Hope Coin!

What do I get from the New Year Hope Award 2019?

The best thing about the New Year Hope Award 2019 is that everyone who submits their hopes and wishes receives 3,000 Hope Coin into her or his Stellar wallet (provided that you have set a trustline).

Please make sure that your hopes and wishes mean something positive to you and others.

To get some inspiration for your New Years wishes think about what is important to you in your life at the moment. Did you just start at a new school and you hope to learn a new subject or language in 2019? Did you just get married and hope for a baby? Are looking for a new job in order to improve your financial situation?

If you can answer a few of these questions with a "yes", let us know about it and submit your three wishes for 2019! Once you receive HOPE you can send them to friends to make them aware of our community and the fact that thousands of people around the world send each other HOPE.