Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about Hope Coin, answered.

Where can I get Hope Coin?

Good news - at this point, you can still get Hope Coin totally for free! Just submit your address on the registration page and get 1,000 Hope Coin totally for free. In the future, they may be valuable (or not), and may be traded on (decentralized) exchanges.

What can I do with Hope Coin?

There are a ton of things you can do with Hope Coin. The most important of which, is that you broadcast a message of hope to the world using the Wall of HOPE. Additionally, you can send Hope Coin to your friends and family to show them that you’re thinking of them. Once you’ve done both of those things, you can hold on to your tokens for the future, or trade them for money and other digital assets. Find more use cases here: How to use Hope Coin.

How can I change the wallet address I used for signing up?

You can change your wallet address for a specific signup here: edit wallet address.

Is Hope Coin a cryptocurrency?

No, Hope Coin is not a cryptocurrency. Hope Coin is an "asset" on the Stellar-Blockchain. You can learn all about Stellar here.

Is Hope Coin an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)?

No, we specifically decided not to run an ICO. Hope Coin are distributed for free. They may be traded later at decentralized exchanges.

Are Hope Coin valuable?

Yes in the sense that bringing hope to the world is valuable. Yes in the sense that you will be able to use them on the Wall of HOPE. Time will tell whether they also will be worth anything financially. That really depends on individuals willing to trade them.

How can I send Hope Coin to someone in need?

That's easy - you and the recipient only need a Stellar wallet and you need a few Hope Coin. You can then just use your wallet to send the Hope Coin like any other Stellar asset.

What is Stellar?

Stellar is an independent blockchain where companies and projects can issue their own tokens.

What are StellarTerm and Stellarport?

StellarTerm and Stellarport both organize decentralized Stellar Asset exchanges. You can use either to trade Hope Coin for free.