Earn Hope Coin

Hope Coin will not be on sale.

Get your first 1,000 Hope Coin for free!

Hope Coin is NOT an ICO or token sale. We don't think that a charity project and selling tokens go well together. So here's the good news — you can get 1,000 Hope Coin entirely for free by signing up here. You read that right, all you need to do to "earn" your first Hope Coin is to leave your email address and wallet address. Learn how to get your first free wallet here.

Earn Hope Coin by referring your friends!

There is another chance to earn Hope Coin: Once signed up, you will automatically receive your personal referral code. When you share a link with your referral code and somebody signs up for the free tokens, you will receive 100 Hope Coin for free. This is for each new sign up, so if 1,000 people join through your referral link, you will earn another 100,000 Hope Coin!

Any Hope Coin earned through referrals will be credited to your wallet together with the free Hope Coin on December 06, 2018.

Earn Hope Coin through social media and content creation

If you want to support the Hope Coin project beyond referring users, we do have a few more options for you! We will reward you for posting on social media, linking to hopecoin.org, writing posts or creating videos.

Here is how many Hope Coin you can earn:

Goal Condition Reward
(Hope Coin)
Twitter: Tweet about Hope Coin Tweet from account with >100 (real) followers 10
Facebook: Mention Hope Coin in a post Facebook account with >100 (real) friends/followers 10
Reddit: Post about Hope Coin Mentioned on a relevant subreddit with >5 upvotes 10
Telegram: Bring a new member to the group New (and real) telegram user, staying until launch 50
Blog post: Write a blog post about Hope Coin Unique article that meets minimum quality standard 10,000
Place a link to hopecoin.org Place link on your site, valid until launch, reward depending on Alexa Site Rank 100-50,000
YouTube: Create video about Hope Coin Video length >3 mins meeting minimum quality standard 25,000

To claim your Hope Coin for one of the activities listed above, please DM our respective account for the social media referral rewards (mention your stellar wallet address!). For blog posts and link placements, please send an email to [email protected]. All Hope Coin rewards will be distributed together with the free Hope Coin on December 06, 2018. Please note that we reserve the right to not grant rewards if we have evidence of fraudulent behaviour.

Other options to get Hope Coin

At a later stage, you may be able to buy and sell Hope Coin on the Stellar Distributed Exchange (SDEX) via these wallets and exchanges:

Until then, just make sure you get your first Hope Coin for free and receive your personal referral link!